Interview with architect Pål Ross

18 Oct 2016

We decided to have a chat with the prominent Swedish architect Pål Ross!

Describe your creative process when starting a new project.

Actually, my creative process begins with me thoroughly explaining the way that I work, so that my clients fully understand what it is I provide. Together, from the outset, we agree on a fixed price for the commission, since I prefer to guarantee results rather than operate by selling time.

My next step is to gather all necessary information about the project, both private and practical. This includes information about the site or plot and whether there are any structures that need to be taken into consideration, etc., and then I build up a detailed model. I visit the site in order to fully understand its potential. I conduct an in-depth interview with the client and really try to get into their head – to find out who they are and what they desire.

Then I move on to the design phase, and after 20 years of trial and error my chosen method is to isolate myself for three days in order to be able to work completely undisturbed. This allows me to concentrate fully, uninterrupted by dinner duties, phone calls and the various other disruptions that can get in the way of the intense focus required when working on complex projects.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

I would have to say just the simple fact of having provided over 300 families and corporations with healthy, life-affirming and dynamic environments. Our lives are so unique and valuable that it’s essential that we maximize our chances at happiness, and our surroundings strongly influence us. If you think about it, our surroundings affect us in the same way that music affects us – but unlike music, we can’t just turn our surroundings off if we don’t like them.

Do you have any advice regarding how people can improve their homes through interior decoration?

Proper and ample lighting can transform a home, taking it to a whole new level. I think it’s advantageous to pre-programme various scenarios and ambiences, like dinner lighting, or cosy mornings.

What was your first impression of the Aritco Home Lift?

It was very positive, and I’ve now been successfully implementing Aritco home lifts in our projects for years. The latest improvements to the lifts have created new ways to integrate them, not just in terms of their function within the home but also in terms of aesthetics.

What do your clients think of the Aritco Home Lift?

Once they fully understanding the advantages that come with having a lift in their home, our clients are usually inclined to install one immediately, or choose to allow for the future installation of a home lift in the house’s design.

The effect the Internet of Things will have on connected products in the home has been debated for a few years now. Do you think this will also influence how we build houses?

My designs are already being constructed with intelligent heating, lighting, alarm systems, cameras and more, all of which can be controlled remotely. However, it is extremely important that the systems are completely secured against hacking.

What’s your dream project?

We’re currently talking to several prospective buyers abroad who are interested in our Royal Design range. Of course, all these designs feature an Aritco Home Lift!

How do you think architecture will change over the next 20 years?

I already design healthy, energy-efficient architecture of a high standard that offers lasting quality. Within the next 20 years all of our projects will be self-sufficient in terms of energy and water.

Do you have any advice for people interested in buying a home lift?

Absolutely! Hire Ross for your project, and we’ll incorporate a lift into your everyday life! And remember, a lift makes it possible to live your entire life in the home that we create together!

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