New Experiences at Design Shanghai

16 Jul 2018

Aritco; an insight into attracting the premium Chinese market



It is no secret that economic growth drives markets towards heightened emotional benefits. That being said; differentiation through design is becoming extremely important in China. A combination of this paired with an object that travels is creating a lot of attention and this places the magnifying glass on how visual attention is absolutely key when attracting the premium market at Design Shanghai.



Welcomed to China by Design Shanghai, our global team at Aritco recently spent three days setting up a temporary home in the city center. At the heart of our “Scandinavian” home, the Aritco HomeLift – the star feature of our stand. It was the intention of this event to provide a story-telling brand showcase of Aritco, but much to our delight we even got to sell a few lifts in the process!



Designed not only as a lift, but as a piece of furniture within the home, our Scandinavian designer Alexander Lervik joined us to showcase his very own piece of art in the center of Shanghai


“I love innovation! To work together with Aritco on this project, where we started from scratch in designing and developing a new home lift for a completely new business segment, has been like a dream come true.”



It is important to mention, having a lift in the home is still very much considered disruptive thinking. The great news is, more and more Chinese homes are welcoming a lift as the perfect solution to comfort. Pair this with the simplistic Scandinavian design which appears to be an ever-growing interest within the Chinese market and you have a winning product!

Looking to the future, we hope to contribute towards the Chinese market as the premier home lift provider enhancing Chinese homes one home lift at a time.