One of the first Aritco HomeLifts is installed in Finland

16 Jan 2017

Ari Ingman lives in Espoo, Finland, and was one of the very first customers to order an Aritco HomeLift. We decided to catch up with Ari to find out more about why his family decided to get a lift for their home.

Why did you want to buy a lift for your home?

There were several good reasons for us to buy a home lift. We live in a three-storey house so having a lift is very convenient and makes it easy for us to move around. We are also aware of the fact that we’re starting to get older and this is part of our preparations for that – the Aritco HomeLift is ideal as it even has room for a wheelchair. The lift also adds a nice element to our interior design. Having the ability to customise the lift meant that we could give it a unique and personal style, which was very important to us. We found the LiftGuide tool on the website really helpful when we were deciding on the different design options.

What is your favourite feature of the Aritco HomeLift?

Because we are using this lift in our own home, I think that one of the most important features is the great design. Of course, the functionality is also very important as it’s made such an improvement to the quality of our everyday life. The Swedish design and quality were also major factors when we decided to go for an Aritco HomeLift – when it comes to safety, it feels very reassuring to know that the lift was made by Swedish engineers. The Internet connection and SmartLift app were also decisive factors. The fact that we will receive notifications in the app when the lift needs servicing really takes the worry out of maintenance.

When choosing your lift, did you go for a ‘blend in’ or a ‘stand out’ look?

We wanted the lift to be quite discreet and it has worked out just fine. We chose the Oyster White colour and, as the lift is fitted close to our living room, it looks really neat.

How often do you use the lift?

Both I and my wife definitely use the lift several times a day. It’s comfortable and convenient and makes things like carrying heavy grocery bags so much easier.

Can you describe the installation process?

The installation process was relatively fast – there were a few small teething issues but, as we were the first customers in Finland, I guess this was only natural. The Aritco HomeLift installation technicians certainly knew what they were doing and were very competent during the entire process. We felt completely secure, both with having them working in our home as well as with the quality of the installation.

How does the lift improve your quality of life?

It’s really so much easier to move between floors, and it also saves us a lot of time when bringing food up from the cellar. Since the design is so stylish, it’s really a great conversation piece when we have guests over. People tend to be very curious about our new lift and they often want to go for a test ride too!

What is the best thing about owning a home lift?

Our overall quality of life is much better and our day-to-day lives have been made easier. It is also reassuring when we consider the future and how things will be as we get older. We feel sure that we will be able to continue to live in our own home for many years to come.

Would you recommend buying a home lift to your family and friends?

Yes, definitely! Whether they’re building a new house or refurbishing an old one, I think an Aritco HomeLift is a great investment for anyone that wants to improve their quality of life, regardless of their age.

Do you have any tips for others who might be interested in buying a home lift?

I think it’s great to read the references of real-life customers, or to see pictures of actual installations. The LiftGuide tool on Aritco’s website is really helpful when deciding on different colours and DesignWall options. I also think it’s important to devote enough time to the technical planning phase – for example, thinking about structures, electricity connections and site preparation. We are really happy that we installed an Aritco HomeLift so we would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Ari. We hope your new Aritco HomeLift gives you many more years of enjoyment!