Why buy a platform lift for your home?

05 Jun 2018

When people think of elevators, usually they think of elevators installed in commercial/public buildings.

However, having elevators installed in homes are becoming an option that more and more people are considering today, particularly for those living in mutlti-storey houses and accessibility can become a problem.  

A tendency among those constructing a new home today is to build going up instead of going wide to save on costs of the land, foundation, and roof needed to build your home. 

For multi-storey homes an elevator can then become a necessity if you want grow old in your home without  having to worry about if someday you will still be able to access all levels of the house.

With HD Homelift Solution platform elevators you do not need to do any major renovations (can be installed directly on the finished floor) and the elevator comes with its own shaft (steel or glass). The platform elevator come in modules and can be installed in less than a week without causing much disruption in your home and daily life.