Why choose a platform lift as an alternative to the conventional elevator?

21 Jan 2022

HD Homelift Solutions offers a selection of customized platform elevators from Aritco Lift manufacturer in Sweden that will fit in your home in terms of comfort, functionality and design.


There are several advantages in choosing our platform elevators compared to the conventional elevators:

  • Our elevators can be installed directly on the finished floor as opposed to a conventional elevator that require a pit. It only needs a minimal headroom (2.2m), so there is no need to allocate an extra space in the ceiling on the top floor.
  • Since our elevators comes with its own shaft, it requires minimal space and you can also save on cost by not having to build a concrete shaft.
  • Installation is faster and takes in general about 3-7 days (depending on lift configuration and number of floors). For existing buildings there are no need for major renovations.
  • As a safety measurement, the elevator comes with an emergency battery that will safely bring you to the nearest lower floor in case of power failure.
  • Energy efficient (Engergy class A) and low operation and maintenance cost. 

As you explore our product range, you’ll see this vision come to life. Every Aritco platform lift is built and designed with outstanding quality, comfort and safety in mind with a variety of options to suit new and existing buildings perfectly.