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Why investing in a lift matters



Filipino families are looking for ways to age in place. HD Homelift can help you with that and to maintain a level of comfort and mobility throughout the years.

As value oriented individuals, “maasahan” is the key in terms of selecting brands.

Reliable. Dependable.

We provide home lift solutions to both new and existing buildings that will make every corner of your home accessible to all family members.

If you are inquiring about elevator costs in the Philippines, HD Homelift can promptly provide you with a customized quotation to meet your specific requirements.

The Aritco Story



In 1995 four entrepreneurs founded Aritco in a living room in Kungsängen outside Stockholm. They all had experience in the elevator business, and all agreed that there was a need for a new kind of product that was smarter to use and easier to install, easier to operate, and significantly less expensive than the elevators that were on the market back then.

The four engineers, built their first elevator by hand. And the rest is what we say, history. After having passed through two factories in Kungsängen, Aritco is now based in a 16.000 sqm large factory and office in Veddesta outside Stockholm. Today, Aritco produces 4.000 elevators a year that are sold in 40 countries through more than 170 distributors.

HD Homelift Solutions Corp. is a certified partner of Aritco Lifts, commonly known as elevator supplier Philippines. An essential platform to carry passengers from one level to another.