PWD Platform Lift is here in the Philippines

Are you thinking about how you should be able to stay in your home when you have trouble walking the stairs? Are your days full of activities with kids, strollers and shopping bags that needs to be carried up and down the stairs? Or are you just looking for more comfort and convenience?
pwd lift

Our PWD home lift simply solve customer problems

Home lift guarantee that people with incapacities have equivalent access to all levels of their home, including upper floors or cellars. They are able to fully participate in family activities, get into bedrooms, and bathrooms, and use all parts of the house without restriction on height or level. This accessibility ensures safety and reliability, fostering a sense of independence and inclusion.

Future-proof Design and truly life-changing

A commitment to long-term accessibility is demonstrated by the installation of a home lift, which can be customized to accommodate specific needs and preferences. It ensures that a disabled person’s home remains accessible as their needs change over time, even if they do not require mobility assistance at the moment. This feature provides convenience and peace of mind by preventing costly future renovations or modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a PWD lift?

A home elevator for people with disabilities is usually 36 to 42 inches wide and 48 to 54 inches deep, fitting a standard one wheelchair comfortably. It’s a reliable way to ensure ease. To make sure it’s right for you, talk to the salesperson about including a ramp.

What lifts are available for PWD?

Several types of platform lift are available for disabled access, such as stairlifts, inclined lifts, and vertical lifts. Additionally, we offer home elevators, which provide a more comprehensive solution by enabling multi-level access within a home.

How much does a disabled lift cost?

Contact us, as we are a local supplier, for the most accurate pricing based on your requirement and budget for disabled lifts in the Philippines.

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